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Fagron UK is a distributor of raw materials and innovative products for pharmaceutical compounding in the UK.

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Fagron Concepts

An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.
An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.
An innovative solution for dermatological care.

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Latest Fagron news

Tue, 08/10/2019
T he Fagron UK range will be warehoused in the UK and available for next day delivery
Mon, 19/08/2019
Fagron TrichoTest™ analyses a patient's DNA and lifestyle factors to determine the cause of a patient’s hair loss and recommend the most compatible treatment options.
Fri, 14/06/2019
Fagron announces it has entered into an agreement to acquire Central de Drogas, S.A. de C.V. ('Cedrosa'), a leading supplier of raw materials (Essentials) to compounding pharmacies and the...