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An appreciation of suppliers to the NHS during the COVID 19 outbreak

Fri, 17/04/2020

An appreciation of suppliers to the NHS during the COVID 19 outbreak


The NHS frontline is doing an amazing job as the country goes through an unprecedented time during the COVID 19 outbreak. Behind the frontline, many businesses are also working extremely hard to support the NHS, pharmacists and patients, and to maintain or increase service levels.


Rokshaw Laboratories, a Fagron UK customer, is working harder than ever to ensure medicines are available to those who need them.


Rokshaw is a manufacturer of unlicensed medicines (specials) for pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and dispensing doctors across the UK. An unlicensed medicine is a medicine that does not hold a marketing authorisation and is manufactured on a bespoke basis to the exact needs of a patient. A personalised medicine.


We asked Managing Director Richard Hodgson how Rokshaw has been impacted by the ongoing crisis and what changes have been put in place to ensure patients still receive their medicines.


‘Operationally we have new processes in place to minimise the risk to staff so we can ensure we still provide our vital service for patients. These actions have included appropriate spacing measures between staff, grounding sales activities and ensuring that no visitors are allowed on-site. We have also taken actions such as upping our levels of wholesale and raw material stock to ensure service is not interrupted.

Because our primary customer base is independent pharmacies and hospitals, which have in turn become very busy during this outbreak, we’ve seen an increase of items ordered.

Thankfully we’ve always strived to create a service that allows our customers to order with us in an efficient manner and this outlook has proven to be even more important during this time. We have a fantastic online ordering system, available on PC and on our Mobile App, that allows our pharmacy customers to place orders with just a few clicks. Going forward, this service should allow for significant time saving in pharmacies.’

Even during these extremely busy and unprecedented times those on the front line have taken time to show their appreciation for the businesses working hard behind the scenes.

Richard continued:

‘We always appreciate feedback from our customers, however we have been lucky to have one pharmacy in particular during this outbreak, who has commended the service that we have provided during this busy time. We feel very humbled that our service has been recognised by our customers, especially when their busy environment could restrict their time to do so.’

How is your business going the extra mile during the Corona Virus outbreak to ensure continued support and supply to the NHS and patients?

Share your story with us so we can share it with our network contacting Dan Barton, Marketing Communications Manager, Fagron UK via dan.barton@fagron.co.uk.