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FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment specially designed and developed by Fagron.
SyrSpend® SF PH4 is Fagron's innovative oral suspension vehicle, compatible with a wide range of API's and superior to traditional suspension vehicles
An innovative solution for dermatological care.

Brand New Compatibility Study for SyrSpend® SF!

Wed, 14/06/2017
Brand New Compatibility Study for SyrSpend® SF!

A new study has been conducted to evaluate the stability of 10 most commonly used API's compounded in SyrSpend® SF:

Alprazolam 1.0mg/mL
Atropine Sulphate 0.1mg/mL
Glutamine 250.0mg/mL
Levofloxacin 50.0 mg, mL
Metoprolol Tartrate 10.0 mg, mL
Nitrofurantoin 2.0mg, mL
Ondansetron Hydrochloride 0.8 mg/mL
Oxandrolone 3.0 mg/mL
Pregabalin 20.0mg/mL
Riboflavin 10.0mg/mL


All suspensions were stored at both controlled refrigeration and controlled room temperatures. The stability for each suspension was verified by high-performance liquid chromotography to measure to quantity of the API remaining over a certain period of time.

The study found that the suspensions had reached beyond-use-date past 90 days, suggesting that SyrSpend® SF PH4 is stable when used with the different pharmacological classes of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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