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Fagron Neogen™ hair products arrive in the UK

Thu, 17/01/2019
Fagron Neogen™ arrives in the UK

Fagron UK is pleased to announce that the Fagron Neogen™ range of hair products is coming to the UK. 

Neogen™ hair products boost hair growth and take care of hair by increasing its thickness and gloss, restoring the hydrolipidic film, regulating sebum and calming itchiness.

With patented TrichoTech™ technology, Neogen™ hair products stimulate fibroblastic growth, increasing proliferation and collagen synthesis by up to +30%

Neogen™ hair products act during the Neogene phase, increasing the production of the dermal papilla while promoting the hair growth stage.

NeoWash™ and NeoCond™ will be available exclusively on Amazon from January 2019.