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FagronLab™ PRO Mixer with free robot vacuum cleaner

Wed, 14/11/2018

Fagron UK is proud to introduce the FagronLab™ PRO Mixer - the complete solution for compounding. The FagronLab™ PRO Mixer supports GMP compounding of semi-solid preparations up to 2000ml.


The FagronLab™ range is lead by quality and value and the FagronLab™ PRO Mixer is available for only £2,780 + VAT.


For further information about the FagronLab™ PRO Mixer please watch our video by clicking here.


Free FagronLab™ RVC1 robot vacuum cleaner


Order your FagronLab™ PRO Mixer in November and receive a FagronLab™ RVC1 robot vacuum cleaner worth £300! Call us on 0845 652 2525 or email info@fagron.co.uk.