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New Compatibility Studies for Syrspend SF

Mon, 27/03/2017
Syrspend SF new compatibility studies

Fagron continue to build on their compatibility studies for Syrspend SF. We have just submitted studies at the European Association for Hospitals and Pharmacists on Cloxacilline in Syrspend SF for paediatric use and for Nitrendipine with Syrspend SF. Links for these studies are posted below - the studies are written in French.

We also now have a stability study for Paediatric Warfarin oral suspension in Syrspend SF. This bridges the current gap in the market for a paediatric formulation and the results conclude that 1mg/ml of Warfarin oral suspension in Syrspend is stable for 44 days between +2 and +8 degrees C and 10 days at room temperature. Please take a look at the link below for the poster.

We also have a study for 100mg/ml of Paediatric Pyrazinamide oral suspsension in Syrspend SF. Stability data for Pyrazinamide in oral suspension is scarce and not up to date - hence the requirement and advantage of this study. The study found that 100mg/ml of Pyrazinamide oral suspension in Syrspend SF PH4 is stable for at least 90 days at room temperature.


Please contact us if you would like to access the full article.