Fagron Concepts

Fagron UK supples gelatin and vegetarian Capsugel capsules of various sizes in packs of 500 or 1000.
SyrSpend® SF PH4 is Fagron's innovative oral suspension vehicle, compatible with a wide range of API's and superior to traditional suspension vehicles
Leading advanced dermatological care

Compounding Matters

Compounding Matters, a global initiative of Fagron, offers the pharmacist and prescriber and compounder a wide range of formulae. Pharmacists and Compounders can access compounding formulations along with the methods of compounding.
New: Fagron Advanced Derma and SyrSpend® SF formulations!
Fagron Advanced Derma offers a range of highly compatible vehicles for compounding and basic skin care.
SyrSpend® SF is a suspending base that uses a revolutionary active suspending technology to keep drugs homogenously suspended, helping to ensure accurate and consistent dosing throughout the entire treatment.
With these plug and play prescribing and compounding resources Fagron supports everyday professional care.

Formulation Disclaimer
The information provided in Fagron's sample formulation is a suggested formulation and is provided for reference only and is based on formulations that have historically been ordered by duly licensed professionals, and is intended for use by professionals engaged in compounding practice ONLY.