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An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.
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Fagron Advanced Veterinary Line

Fagron Advanced Veterinary Line

Animals have many therapeutic needs, while the availability of approved drugs intended for them is relatively small. Hence, compounding medication is commonly used in order to cover veterinary medical needs.  

Fagron has developed an innovative line of vehicles for the preparation of palatable, veterinary compounded formulations.  

Fagron’s Advanced Veterinary line is: 
• A set of solution intended to meet the therapeutic needs of an animal 
• A range of vehicles designed to standardize the preparation of formulations and at the same time to facilitate the administration of the drug to all kind of animals 
• All the vehicles under Fagron Advanced Veterinary consist of ingredients free of toxic effects, allergenic or irritant substances for maximum safety and tolerability of the treatment 

The line of Fagron Advanced Veterinary vehicles includes: 
• SyrSvet ™: Ready to use compounding vehicle for oral liquid formulations  
• EcciVet ™: Mixture of excipients for capsules preparations. With the addition of some drops   of water to the content of the compounded capsule, the capsule gets the taste of a meatball 
• Pentravan®: Oil-in-water emulsion for transdermal formulations 

Use the link below to download the Fagron Advanced Veterinary Line handbook.


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