Fagron Concepts

An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.
An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.
Yuliv™ Collagen Drink is a high quality collagen supplement.

FagronLab™ compounding equipment

FagronLab™ compounding equipment

FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment specially designed and developed by Fagron. FagronLab™ products line is specially designed for the needs of modern compounding pharmacies. FagronLab™ compounding equipment products reflect Fagron's mission and vision to offer high level, safe and qualitive compounding solutions to patients through excellence in compounding preparation in pharmacies. The operation and design of the equipment offers high level accuracy and easiness to the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for their everyday compounding activities through a wide range of pharmacy customized features.

For more information and to view the FagronLab range visit www.fagronlab.com

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Fagron UK supply a variety of flavourings in 100ml packs and bulk sizes.
The FagronLab™ UVGI-80 UV Air Sterilizer provides dynamic indoor air disinfection.
A glass cylinder with special and validated graduation designed for the compounding process of hard capsules.