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FagronLab™ UVGI-80 UV Air Sterilizer

FagronLab™ UVGI-80 UV Air Sterilizer

The FagronLab™ UVGI-80 UV Air Sterilizer provides dynamic indoor air disinfection for enclosed spaces such as hospitals, pharmacies, labs, waiting rooms, schools, offices, retail stores, gyms and more.

Did you know you can now buy online? Check out www.fagronuvsteriliser.co.uk.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses long-life, C-band (wavelength 253.7nm) ozone-free ultraviolet light to improve microbial air safety against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Continuously disinfects the air
  • Disinfects a room with air volume 80m3 x 10 per hour
  • Backed by scientific literature - studies available
  • Uses 5 UV lamps
  • Simple to operate with plug and play (no installation)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Silent fan - low noise pollution
  • Innovative design with side air inlet and outlet allowing the unit to be place against a wall
  • Safe - CE marked product

A full specification PDF is available at the bottom of this page. To order yours and discuss out Black Friday deals contact us via info@fagron.co.uk.

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