Fagron Concepts

Yuliv™ Collagen Drink is a high quality collagen supplement.
An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.
An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.


EcciVet™ is a ready-to-use powder vehicle for veterinary compounded formulations in capsules. EcciVet™ contains a mixture of excipients that allows a proper preparation of compounded capsules.  The content of a capsule compounded with EcciVet™ can be opened and after adding some drops of water, the formulation senses as a meatball.

EcciVet™ allows the rapid formulation of personalized veterinary capsules with the most suitable flavors for each animal. After the addition of a few ml of water it obtains a palatability similar to meatballs and an ideal consistency that facilitates the treatment of animals. 

EcciVet™ is ideal for the preparation of customized veterinary capsules in different dosages and flavors, but with a standardized way of preparation. 

EcciVet™ is free of gluten, ethanol, parabens, sorbitol, carrageenan, dextrose, xylitol, glycerin, saccharin, benzyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sugars and dyes. 

The Fagron Veterinary line vehicles are easy to work with. To further simplify the compounding process, a step-by-step handbook with a variety of formulations for different animal species has been developed. 

Use the link below to view the Fagron Advanced Veterinary Line handbook.

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