Fagron Concepts

An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.
An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.
Yuliv™ Collagen Drink is a high quality collagen supplement.

Nourivan™ Antiox

Nourivan™ Antiox is an Antioxidant cream base. It is especially formulated to use

with APIs and DCIs that are susceptible to oxidation, such as Hydroquinone and Resorcinol.

Using Nourivan Antiox saves the compounder from having to add additional antioxidants.

The base is non comedogenic and vanishes rapidly. 

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Benefits of Nourivan™ Antiox

  • Hydrophilic vanishing cream base
  • Nourishing gentle formula with pleasant soft skin feel
  • Rapidly vanishes into skin
  • Excellent hydration effects to support and protect skin balance
  • Non Comedogenic
  • Avoids the need to add additional antioxidants
  • Simple three step compounding process

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