Fagron Concepts

Yuliv™ Collagen Drink is a high quality collagen supplement.
An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.
An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.


SyrSvet™ is ready to use compounding vehicle for oral liquid formulations.

SyrSvet™ can be used to make a palatable suspension or – with the addition of carboxymethylcellulose – an attractive paste. SyrSvet™ has proven physical and chemical compatibility with over 110 different APIs.

SyrSvet™ is ideal for the preparation of oral suspensions. 

SyrSvet™ is free of gluten, ethanol, parabens, sorbitol, carrageenan, dextrose, xylitol, glycerin, saccharin, benzyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sugars and dyes. 

The Fagron Veterinary line vehicles are easy to work with. To further simplify the compounding process, a step-by-step handbook with a variety of formulations for different animal species has been developed. 

Use the links below to download the compatability table for SyrSvet™ with over 110 different APIs and the Fagron Advanced Veterinary Line handbook.


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