Fagron Concepts

An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.
An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.
An innovative solution for dermatological care.

Community Pharmacy

When a Special has been prescribed, having access to and knowledge of reputable suppliers, and the trust to deliver to the prescriber’s requirement will aid in making life easier for the pharmacist.
Key considerations include:
  • speed of delivery
  • a repeatable formulation
  • the right quality
  • the right shelf life
  • a reasonable price
  • guaranteed security of supply
Innovative solutions are now available to help the prescriber and pharmacist  fulfil the specific requirements of the patient. Each patient is unique – and requires the right personalised treatment care and plan. When developing products and services, the patient always is, and must always be considered as “the customer”. 
Community Pharmacy
More than 200,000 customers worldwide have access to over 5,000 high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials, vehicles and concepts thanks to Fagron’s global product and producer qualification, full analysis of incoming and produced products, GMP conditioning and release by a qualified person.
Compounding Matters is a free Fagron database which offers the compounder, pharmacist and prescriber a wide range of tailor made formulations.
Fagron has undertaken an extensive programme of Studies of active ingredients combined with our innovative bases...
To provide our customers with a solution that satisfies their needs we have developed a range of services to provide products of the right grade, with the right documentation, supplied in the right manner, in the right pack and condition for our customers.