Fagron Concepts

An innovative line of hair loss treatment solutions.
Yuliv™ Collagen Drink is a high quality collagen supplement.
An innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms.

Fagron Quality

The unique quality of Fagron
Combining the forces of procurement, GMP production and quality management
More than 200,000 customers worldwide have access to over 5,000 high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials, vehicles and trademark concepts thanks to Fagron’s superior global quality system. This system includes an extensive product and producer qualification, on-site GMP audits, full analysis of incoming and repacked products, conditioning in GMP-certified facilities and release by a qualified person. This unique quality approach guarantees a high quality standard throughout the entire supply chain which makes Fagron attractive to compounders, pharmacies, hospitals and the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.
Quality & Procurement
Fagron has sourcing offices in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. This brings Fagron closer to the world’s biggest producers of pharmaceutical raw materials so we can source our pharmaceutical raw materials globally while operating close to production sites. This results in full traceability and a guaranteed high quality standard of  raw materials.
Performing full analyses of the incoming pharmaceutical raw materials ensures  the raw materials quality is in accordance with the latest editions of worldwide pharmacopoeias. The results of these tests and the extensive range of documents Fagron demands from producers are reviewed by a qualified person before products are released.
Audit Programme
On-site GMP audits, supplier qualifications and regular performance assessments ensure continuous control of the quality of the manufacturers  of Fagron’s raw materials.
Falsified Medicine Directive
Fagron handles a pro-active approach on the Falsified Medicine Directive. This Directive requires each import of an API from a country outside the EU to be accompanied by a written confirmation to ensure patient safety and controlled trading. Because of the Fagron quality approach, including supplier qualifications, risk assessments and on site GMP audits, Fagron is, from the start of the implementation, compliant to this Directive and thus ensures patient safety versus product availability.
Quality & Production
Fagron manufactures creams, syrups, compounded medication and other high quality products for pharmaceutical use in a manufacturing network that includes its own production facilities and contract manufacturers on three continents, all meeting the latest national and international standards (GMP II and /or ISO 9001:2008 ). Regular audits are performed internally and at the contract manufacturers. Products come in a wide range of packaging including containers, tubes, bottles, syringes and blisters. Only after full analyses and the review of the complete batch records, the products will be released by a Qualified Person.
Quality Management
From selecting a manufacturer right through to delivery to the customer, Fagron Quality is involved in every step of the supply chain. Over 150 employees work in the Fagron Quality departments to maintain and ensure the high-quality standard of Fagron and form the biggest quality network in the pharmaceutical compounding business.
Full Document Provision: 
Fagron UK provides with each batch the following documentation: Fagron COA, Manufacturer COA, TSE, MSDS and GMP or ISO certificates. Batch-specific Fagron documentation can be found on our website, and more in-depth documentation from our suppliers can be found on our webshop, where a log-in is required.  
Our focus is on providing the right product, of the highest quality, at the right time, in the quantity and packaging size you require. 
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